Unfair! Catherine Zeta-Jones Can't Wear Her Mom-Wear


Michael Douglas was the guest on Tavis Smiley today, where he talked about his newest film, Solitary Man, his family and his life in Hollywood. In the course of doing so, he revealed a funny tidbit about  Catherine Zeta-Jones and her fear that the paparazzi will catch her looking dowdy.

Says Michael: “Catherine’s now doing a Broadway show so her schedule is really regimented…They can sit there because they know exactly when she is coming out the door. So normally, you’d wear a pair of sweatpants. But because she’s got to walk from the apartment door to the car and get photographed, she gets dolled up every day because she never knows when they’re going to get a bad picture.”
As someone who sits around and write from the comfort of her own home (Read: in my pajamas) I cannot imagine how miserable it would be to have to put on a full face of makeup every time you are leaving your apartment. And keep in mind, once she gets to the theater, she then has to take off the makeup,and have her hair and makeup done. It also means that Zeta-Jones doesn’t get to indulge in one of the great privileges of being a mother, which is that it is a lifetime excuse to sport Mom-wear: Sweats, yoga pants, capris, flip-flops. That’s motherhood at its best, right there.