Unknown Movie Review and Unknown Trailer


You call a movie “Unknown” and it confuses people. Does that mean we don’t know what movie we’re talking about?

Oh, Unknown is the name of the movie! Starring Liam Neesom, this movie is about a man who wakes up from a coma to find that someone else has taken over his life and no one believes him, so he must prove his identity.

Watch the Unknown Movie trailer and see what the critics think of it:

New York Times: “Yet despite its A-movie aspirations, as the chases continue and the plot holes widen, ‘Unknown’ quickly settles into the familiar B-movie comfort zone, with mano-a-mano fights, missed phone calls, running and more running and a twist that keeps twisting until it breaks.”

Reelviews: “If Unknown didn’t fall apart so completely during its final 20 minutes, it might not have disappointed. As it is, however, the film has to be taken in its totality, and this one will look a lot better to someone who vacates the auditorium early than to someone who stays to the bitter end.”

USAToday: Trying to decipher all the convoluted pathways could drive you mad. Mostly, though, it is so ludicrous that it will unintentionally inspire laughter.

Will you go see the Uknown movie? Or is I Am Number Four more your type of movie?