Top 5 Totally Unrealistic Movie Birth scenes


None of us need a repeat of the crowning glory that was Knocked Up, but hopefully it will inspire future filmmakers to at least make the birth scene less contrived, if not anatomically correct. Five that represent the extreme of the silver screen.

April Peveteaux

  • Look Who’s Talking, 1989

    Highlight of birth scene: weird plastic doll sees tracers after mom is dosed with pain meds. But somehow watching the whole thing in French makes it more palpable:

  • She’s Having a Baby, 1988

    Apparently in 1988 breech babies were life-threatening and husbands were still getting kicked out of the delivery room.

  • Rosemary’s Baby, 1968

    One would think it might be much more painful spawning the son of Satan.

  • Freddy Got Fingered, 2001

    Tom Green delivers a baby in thirty-eight seconds then bites off the umbilical cord. A lack of hilarity ensues.

  • Nine Months, 1995

    In which we witness the “full moon” factor, video camera antics by husbands behaving badly and synchronized cervix dilation.

Any terrible movie birth scenes you can’t help but cringe at?