Up Close With Aldi Suganda The Smoking Baby (Video)


We were all shocked by the video of Aldi Suganda, the smoking baby. He’s cut back since we were first introduced to him, mouths agape with outrage and disbelief. He’s currently enrolled in a rehab program sponsored by Indonesia’s National Commission for Child Protection and has cut back his 2 pack a day habit, to just one pack.

As a smoker who has tried to quit, let me tell you, withdrawal is a difficult beast. Aldi has been having tantrums and even beaten his head against the floor. “Nowadays, he smokes one pack a day, two packs at most. … We surely hope he will quit, that he will be like any other kid, not smoking. … But I can’t stand seeing him hurting himself. What can we do but to accept it is as it is?” says his mother.

Now I don’t have a degree in medicine or baby health or smoking toddlers from the University Of This Kind Of Thing Should Not Happen, but she can stop buying him cigarettes  and restrain him, find a way to get him the patch, or again, STOP BUYING HIM CIGARETTES. But who am I to give obvious advice?

Albie’s parents claim he began smoking on his own volition at 11 months old after finding a pack at a market and lighting up like an old pro.Indonesia is Marlboro country and lacks any surgeon general’s warning and anti-smoking propaganda. More than a third of the country lights up and over 31% of Indonesian children smoke before the age of 10 so it’s no shock for them to see a baby acting like a 50’s film star.  CBS news tracked down Aldi, finding him at midnight puffing away. It’s a disturbing video. Take a look:

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