Update: Beyonce Not In Labor, Hubby Jay-Z Is At The Nets Game (Photos)

Where is Beyonce though?

We’re not surprised that got this wrong again, but the New York Post reporting on it too? Really?

A little homework would go along way, guys.

The Twitterverse was a-buzzin’ that the world’s richest child would be born two days after Christmas, but it looks like Beyonce‘s baby has plans for another date. You would think that if Queen Bey were indeed in labor right now, her hubby Jay-Z would be by her side and not at the New Jersey Nets game tonight.

We’ve got the evidence here of a few Jay-Z spottings of the rapper and Nets investor sitting courtside watching the game.

I have a feeling that the surrogate Beyonce is going to be holding that baby in until the New Year. It wouldn’t really be much fun having your birthday two days after Christmas, right?

Check out our pics of Jay-Z at the game here.


  • Jay-Z 1 of 3
    These Twitter pics are blurry, but you can tell that's Jay-Z.
  • No Baby Yet 2 of 3
    No Baby Yet
    Surely if his wife were in labor right now, he would be by her side and not at a basketball game.
  • 2012? 3 of 3
    There's a good chance the Beyonce baby will come sometime next week instead.

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