Update: Jon & Kate NOT Divorcing! True Announcement Revealed?!



Jon and Kate Gosselin are divorcing!  That’s been the talk of the town… well, more like the globe, but you know what I mean.  TLC’s promo of Monday’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 shows clips from previous episodes with Kate doing voice overs, sounding very ominous, as in, the end of our marriage is near.  However, that might not be the case at all!

Video after the jump

According to MNS Vision TV, Jon and Kate are NOT divorcing, but will announce their separation.  However, the couple plan to attend marriage counseling while living apart, dividing their time with their eight kids, and if all goes well, Jon will move back into the family home in the fall.

Kate was also rumored to be looking for a home on Bald Head Island, North Carolina, where she and the kids recently vacationed.  Perhaps they’ll pack up the family and move to the island and forget about Jon & Kate Plus 8?

Maybe this family WILL have a happy ending afterall?!

Check out the video:


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