Update: Titans' Owner Bud Adams' Statement About Steve McNair's Death


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As we told you earlier, quarterback Steve McNair was found shot to death and Titans’ owner Bud Adams has released a statement.

From MyFoxHouston:

“Steve was one of the greatest players that ever played for us.  He was loved by everyone in Tennessee.  He took us to levels of winning that we had never seen before including our only Super Bowl.”

This is a terrible thing that happened,” Adams said. “He was such a great guy and a great player.

“He was something else. He never hesitated to run and he took so many hits for a quarterback. This is a sad day.

Adams reminisced about the day McNair was inducted into the Oilers/Titans Hall of Fame.

“I still remember him being on the field that day. It was a happy day. This is so hard to understand.”

McNair is survived by his wife Mechelle Cartwright and it’s believed they have four children: Junior, Steven, Tyler and Trenton, although different news sources have different information, reporting he has only one, possibly two.

Our hearts go out to the family