Update Zahra Baker: Discovered Prosthetic Leg Belongs To Missing Girl


zahrabakermissinglegPolice have found the prosthetic leg of Zahra Baker, the 10 year old disabled girl who suffered through cancer only to go missing.

The leg was found in the brush of Caldwell, County and investigators used a scanner to find a serial number inside the leg. “Medical records obtained from Australia, where the prosthetic leg was originally fitted, matched the serial number on the leg,” the Hickory Police said in a statement.

Zahra’s father, Adam Baker, and his wife Elisa Baker have been the main suspects. Dogs smelled human remains on their property and Elisa wrote a false ransom note. She has been charged with obstruction of justice. Adam has been arrested on other charges with one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of failure to return rental property, two counts of communicating threats and five counts of writing worthless checks.

While they haven’t been charged, it seems pretty clear who is tragically responsible. Hopefully, the child will be found soon and the guilty parties will be put to justice.