UT Shooting: History Repeating Itself? Second Gunman to Fire on University of Texas


UT ShootingA shooting spree at a respected University is a shocking thing.  They are supposed to be safe havens of learning.  Granted, it is a rare event when someone takes a gun to a campus, even rarer when they use it. But this isn’t the first shooting tragedy that has rocked the campus of the University of Technology in Austin.

Over forty years ago …Charles Whitman went the observations deck on the 28th floor of the clock tower in the middle of the campus and opened fire on the crowds milling below, as well as people in the clock tower. He killed 14 people and wounded 32 before police killed him about 90 minutes after the siege began.  He was shot and killed by the police. The event was famous, and still is. The Clock Tower tragedy is one that has yet to be forgotten.

A case of history repeating itself? Fortunately the gunman who went on a shooting spree on Tuesday did not cause the devastation that Whitman had. This events of 1966 still haunt the campus, and this seems to just reopen those wounds. And to parents who have their children at the college, or any college that is, this would probably give them pause.

Check out this vintage news report from the original UT shooting.