Vacation Star Style! Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart & Baby With Soleil Moon Frye's Family in Mexico

Soleil Moon Frye, Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane and their kids!

What did you do on Memorial Day Weekend? If you happened to be Soleil Moon Frye, Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart or one of their kids, you would have been spending this lovely Spring weekend in sunny Mexico.

Soleil Moon Frye tweeted a photo of the two happy families with the message, “Me,my husband, Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane and our kiddos at @FSPuntaMita Heaven on earth!”

What’s FS Punta Mita you might wonder?It’s the Four Seasons Resort in Punta de Mita, Mexico which is near Puerto Vallarta. And it looks like someone is staying at one of the fabulous Private Residence Villas at the resort which some either as four or five bedroom homes complete with your own pool, kitchen, shared living area and of course, beachfront or ocean-view locations for amazing sites and sounds.

Rebecca and Soleil are good buddies so it makes sense that the two would take a vacation together, and seriously how could you go wrong with getting away to a paradise like this? You can check out this amazing looking resort right here.

Photo: Twitter