Valentine's Day 2011 Best and Worst Celebrity Dates!

Valentine s day 2011
Justin Bieber came in third in Valentine's poll

Which celebrity would you want to spend with on Valentine’s Day?

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were the two top choices for “dream female celebrity date”.

The top choices for men were Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, voted the most romantic males.

How about the celebrities that you would NOT want to spend V-Day with?

Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi has topped a poll as the nightmare celebrity date for Valentine’s Day!

The star of the hit reality show got a whopping 41 percent of votes in a poll of omg! Yahoo readers on the woman with whom they would least like to spend Valentine’s Day.

Poor Snooki!

Socialite Paris Hilton was second.

One third of the adults polled said it would be a nightmare to go out on Valentine’s Day with Justin Bieber!  Aww poor Biebs!

The cutie 16-year-old Canadian heartthrob came in third place for worst V-day dates, beating  Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, who came fourth and fifth in the poll.

Really??? I’d much rather go out with Bieber than Sheen or Gibson any day.

As for a movie after Valentine’s Day dinner, Titanic is still the hands-down winner, followed by The Notebook.

The poll was carried out for Yahoo!’s celebrity news website omg! And 2,002 Americans aged between 18 and 64 were polled in the online survey.