James Van Der Beek: Former 'Dawson's Creek' Star Hysterical on 'Funny or Die'


james van der beekHave you seen James Van Der Beek on “Van Der Week” on Funny or Die? The former Dawson’s Creek star has been totally making fun of himself on Funny or Die, first with James Van Der Meems. Then Van Der Beek did “A–hole For Hire” and now he’s knee deep in Funny or Die’s “Van Der Week.”

The actor dished about his web comedies on Funny or Die with Entertainment Weekly:
“I’d been poking around [Funny or Die], laughing at all the stuff, and I wanted to join in. One of the writers there tentatively said, ‘I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a five-second GIF of you crying?’ And I said, ‘Oh, I’m well aware of it.'”A viral Twitter link about Van Der Beek started up called ‘crying Dawson’ and James found out about it when he started using Twitter.  The actor told EW,”People would tweet stuff like and I’d expect it to be, like, something heroic from ‘Varsity Blues’ or a cool shot from ‘Rules of Attraction.’ But inevitably, it was always the crying gif. It would happen quite often, and I’d always fall for it. And I’d always laugh.”

Here’s one of Van Der Beek’s bad (but funny) videos. Don’t play in front of the kids but enjoy!

Photo: PacificCoastNews