Vanessa Lachey Blaming Her Mood Swings On Her Pregnancy Hormones

Vanessa Lachey

Oh, that Vanessa Lachey. She sure does like to talk a lot while pregnant, right? It kind of reminds us of someone else we know around here…

Nick Lachey’s other half has recently said that she’s been going through a lot of mood swings lately and is blaming it all on her pregnancy hormones (doesn’t every mom-to-be do that?). She tells the Vh1 Morning Live Buzz Show:

I’m not using them as excuses to make him do stuff, but I am using them as an excuse as to why I’m such a b-i-t-c-h sometimes!”

“I’ll snap and them I’m like, ‘Oh honey, it’s the baby,’ I’m a little quicker to snap, but I’m also quicker to apologize. He has been a gem!”

Nick Lachey has got to be one of the most patient guys out there, right?