Vanessa Minnillo Engagement Ring: How Much Did It Cost?

Vanessa Minnillo Nick Lachey engagement ring
Vanessa Minnillo Engagement Ring Cost 125k

New details have just come out about Vanessa Minnillo’s engagement ring, and we can’t help but wonder, just how much did Vanessa Minnillo’s engagement ring cost?

According to a jewelry expert, the cost of Vanessa Minnillo’s engagement ring from Nick Lachey is estimated at a whopping $125,000! That’s some serious bling!

The expert also says that the ring is an Asscher cut diamond, set in platinum, with a weight of around 4 carats. It is from designer Bader & Garrin, and also has trapezoid cut diamonds on the side.

Vanessa is thrilled with her ring, and honestly, who wouldn’t be?

We can’t wait to see what Nick buys her when they have their first child together!

Photo: Pacific Coast News