Vanessa Minnillo's Growing Baby Bump (Photos)

Arriving at LAX.

And so it begins.

Another celebrity about whom we will spend the next six months speculating. I mean, I’m so tired of Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy I damn near feel like I’m the pregnant one.

And you know, now that I think about it, what a bummer for Minnillo’s pregnancy to kind of be overshadowed by Simpson’s baby bump frenzy. I mean, I know we’re all adults here, but yeah, I’d be a little bummed if my husband’s famous millionaire ex-wife beat me to motherhood by just a few months. I know it’s not very mature of me but I’m not really that mature. I’m kind of an infant, really. Here I am writing about a stranger’s baby bump, for example.

So I’ll just shut up now and show you the pics of Mrs. Lachey’s growing belly.

  • Arriving at LAX 1 of 5
    Arriving at LAX
    Husband Nick announced they were expecting their first child on March 5. I'm guessing she's due in August?
  • Angling for Camera Time? 2 of 5
    Angling for Camera Time?
    Someone once told me there is another airport in L.A. but that celebs choose to fly out of LAX so they'll be photographed by paparazzi. Is that true, do you think, or is LAX just a convenient international airport?
  • Sassy but Comfy 3 of 5
    Sassy but Comfy
    Me? I wear my comfies on a plane. Vanessa looks to be fairly comfortable in flats, stretchy pants and a lose top but she still looks hot.
  • She Wants a Boy 4 of 5
    She Wants a Boy
    Vanessa took some heat for admitting she has a gender preference. But America should just shut it because pretty much everyone has a small preference but big deal. They obviously want a healthy baby first and foremost. It's not like she's throwing the kid out of it's a girl. Yeesh.
  • Fun Fact 5 of 5
    Fun Fact
    According to Wikipedia Vanessa's father, Vincent Minnillo, is an American of Italian and Irish descent, and her mother, the former Helen Bercero, is of Filipino descent.

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