Vera Farmiga And Family Love Life On The Goat Farm


vera-farmiga-flynnVera Farmiga isn’t exactly the cosmopolitan condo-dweller you might expect from her work on-screen. Instead, the Up in the Air actress is a passionate goat farmer and lives with her husband and 1-year-old on a pastoral farm in Catskill Mountains. No kidding.

Vera is teaching her son Flynn how to live off the land and, if she is successful, off the grid as well. She and her husband Renn Hawkey apparently have serious farming ambitions. The couple raises flocks of strictly female Nubians and Angoras and Vera recently completed a quest “to find the best goat semen in the States,” which she did. Then, she apparently let it spoil on accident.

After college, Vera apparently had a tough time choosing between becoming a Hollywood actress or a New Zealand goat farmer (I think she chose wisely):

“But the college held a showcase and I snagged an agent. But if I hadn’t, then who knows where I might be now?” New Zealand? “Yes. Probably. Herding. With my staff and petticoat!”

How has the birth of Flynn changed her ambitions? It kinda sounds like motherhood has actually made Vera more goat-crazy than before, since she’s much more selective with what type of roles she takes on:

“I still have the same criteria by which I chose roles and projects. But now they have to be even more important to take me away from my family.”

Could you handle life on a farm? Seems like a fun way to teach your kids about animals and stuff. When they get older, you can exploit their labor in the form of chores.


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