Vera Farmiga, Earth Mother



Like much of young Hollywood these days, actress Vera Farmiga recently had a baby. Unlike much of young Hollywood, Farmiga, best known for her role in Martin Scorsese’s The Departed, lives in a rural area, and keeps goats that she milks and shears herself and then spins her own yarn. Can you see Jessica Alba doing that? Yeah, me neither.

It stands to reason that Farmiga, who lives in Ulster County, New York with her musician-woodworker husband Renn Hawkey and their 6-month-old son Flynn, would also have a natural birth. In the new issue of Cookie magazine she talks about the “amazing” birthing center where her son was born. “The place is like a gymnasium! You can hang from the walls, bounce on a ball, labor in a tub, have a six-handed massage.”

Wow. A six-handed massage! Celebrities really do have better lives – sounds way nicer than the cup of ice chips and the hard pillow that I got when I was in labor.