VH1 Football Wives Drama Done Dallas Style: Football, Family, and Bible Study?


football wivesThe Real Housewives of New Jersey came to blows over Danielle Staub’s arrest record, Teresa’s bankruptcy, and Jacqueline’s parenting style.    The girls of Football Wives are hoping to bring the same kind of interest and drama with their own brand of controversy done Dallas style.  With the premiere episode they are failing miserably – the only controversy the girls from Dallas have delivered is an argument over which gals decided to leave a bible study group early.

If this is the kind of drama that the Football Wives intend to show us on a weekly basis, I’ll be turning off the television!

What can we expect from VH!’s Football Wives?


Football Wives puts the focus directly on football and family.  The series follows the wives as they manage their busy families and their husbands football careers all in glorious Texas fashion.   With big personalities Pilar and Deion Sanders in the mix, there is certain to be some big league drama amongst the wives.   While this week’s episode revolved around the bible study group gone bad when Pilar made an early exit, next week moves on to the much more dramatic dilemma of dog walking!  Yawn, I’m tired already.

What did you think of the Football Wives premiere?

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