Vibrating Bra Video: Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston Try Vibrating Bra Inserts

vibrating bra insert ellen degeneres jennifer aniston video
Watch Ellen try the vibrating bra!

Have you seen the vibrating bra video yet? Ellen DeGeneres was brave enough to test out the vibrating bra on her show the other day before unleashing the breast enhancement product on pal Jennifer Aniston.

Watch Ellen DeGeneres try out the vibrating bra in this video clip, as well as show the Chinese infomercial that sells the product. Hilarious! Ellen also reads the informative pamphlet that accompanies the vibrating bra:

“Dear female friends. You have become our female friends when you are reading our elegant pamphlet. Mamma, the most important body organ of woman, which enable human life to grow as delicate and bright color just as flowers and hot houses . . . Exquisite figures are always the pursuit that women diligently long for day and night for thousands and hundreds of years.”