Victoria and David Beckham Ultrasound Mix Up Has them Expecting a Boy- No, A Girl- or Is It?


victoria beckham pregnantIt’s pretty common these days for parents to find out the gender of their babies during an ultrasound, so that they can have the nursery, clothes, and a name all ready to go.  If a couple isn’t finding out, then people tend to question them as to why not.

But, ultrasounds aren’t always read accurately! Victoria Beckham thought that she was having yet another boy at first.  Additional ultrasounds revealed that she and David Beckham were actually adding the first girl to their family!  Probably a good thing, since the Beckham’s boys were rooting for Justin Bieber as a name for their new sibling.

How often do ultrasound mix-ups happen?

If you have an ultrasound before 20 weeks, chances are pretty high that the results you get will be inconclusive. Even after that, 18 percent are inconclusive and 15 percent are wrong! Makes you think twice about decorating that nursery in gender-specific tones!

But, now, the Beckhams are preparing for their first little girl: as long as the ultrasound was right this time!

Check out pics of Victoria Beckham’s baby bump.

Photo: PRPhotos