Victoria Beckham's $900 Stroller for Harper Seven: Too Pricey or Not Bad?

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Get the same stroller as Victoria Beckham!

Victoria Beckham spent $900 on a stroller for baby Harper Seven Beckham! Is $900 too much to spend on a stroller?

It seems the public opinion is divided, as comments on E! Online, where the story broke, range from saying $900 is pretty extravagant, to $900 isn’t that big of a deal.

When you’re David and Victoria Beckham – and the stroller was custom made for the couple – the cost is a drop in the bucket.

Still, I wouldn’t part with $900 for a stroller, unless it came with a nanny. Then again, I’m frugal.

Victoria Beckham reportedly pre-ordered the iCandy Peach stroller to have it before baby Harper was born, and while it comes in three colors, E! Online reports that Beckham had a stroller custom made in lilac.

Would you like to own a stroller like Victoria and David Beckham?

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Where to buy Victoria Beckham's iCandy Peach stroller

You can order your own iCandy Peach stroller from or, which has the stroller in tomato, black jack and sweet pea colors.

Would you spend that much on a stroller? Or do you think $900 is reasonable for a quality baby product?

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If Becks plans to raise Celeb Kids Who Are Too Big for Their Strollers, it sounds like a long-lasting investment!

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