Victoria Beckham Baby Shower Gifts All Pink: What If Ultrasound Was Wrong?

victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham having a girl. Let's hope there are no surprises!

Victoria Beckham had one high profile baby shower this past weekend, with celebrity guests in attendance including Ken Paves, Nicole Richie, and Eva Longoria. Since Victoria already has three boys, she wanted to go all out for the upcoming arrival of her first baby girl, and requested that all her gifts be pink.

Ultrasounds are pretty high tech these days, and some even provide 3D and 4D images, but is there a chance that the Beckhams could still wind up with a baby boy instead of a girl? Stranger things have happened, right? I’ve actually had a couple of friends who were told by an ultrasound tech that they were expecting a boy or girl and then wound up with the opposite sex upon delivery.

Victoria Beckham’s pink gifts included a pink Quinny Buzz Special Edition stroller, a mamaRoo baby swing, a pink Hoppop Bath tub, a pink Little Giraffe Luxe Blanket, a Timi and Leslie diaper bag and a 5 ft. custom-made giraffe by Melissa and Doug.

Let’s hope she’s definitely having a girl, otherwise those are going to be some pretty expensive items to return!

Photo: Pacific Coast News