Victoria Beckham Chops Off Hair and Tweets Photo (PHOTOS)

Looks like a lot!

“Chopped it off!”

That’s what mom of four, Victoria Beckham tweeted when she posted this photo on her Twitter page.

What a tease!

Fans begged Victoria to post a follow-up photo of the new do, but so far she has remained silent, on Twitter at least.

But there’ve been no paparazzi photos of Mrs. Beckham either, so fans are left to speculate:  just how short did she go?

Whatever the style one thing is for sure:  it will be sassy.  Victoria has pretty much done every do there is.  Long, short, brown, blonde and in between.

Check out the photos below.  What do you think?  Which look do you think suits Victoria best?

  • 2005 1 of 6
    I think this is the longest Victoria has ever worn her hair.
  • 2007 2 of 6
    Boom! Short and blonde.
  • Later in 2007 3 of 6
    Later in 2007
    Growing it out.
  • 2008 4 of 6
    Victoria let it grow out and dyed it back to a medium brown.
  • 2011 5 of 6
    After giving birth to daughter, Harper, Victoria kept her hair long with blonde highlights.
  • 2012 6 of 6
    Most recently Victoria has been wearing her hair long and dark.

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