Victoria Beckham Doesn't Want to Have Any More Kids

Victoria Beckham pregnant again
Has Victoria Beckham given up on having babies

Victoria Beckham is done having babies! After three boys and finally a little girl, it looks like Victoria has her family just the way she’d like it.

Victoria Beckham, who had a baby girl, Harper Seven, on Sunday, is all set on the baby front, reportedly telling David, “We’ve had four kids no more,” according to sources close to the family.

While Beckham finally has a girl to balance out the brood, there was more to the baby-making plan than just the boy-girl equation.

Victoria reportedly suffered a tough pregnancy this go around, including back pain and bunions. Though, as a side note, maybe wearing those honking high heels wasn’t the best bet.

The source says, “Victoria is determined not to have to go through that again.”

Do you think David and Victoria Beckham will have any more kids?

Image: David Beckham Facebook

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