Victoria Beckham Gets An Anniversary Tattoo


victoria-beckham1How did the Beckhams commemorate their 10th wedding anniversary? David took Posh to Necker Island, and Posh reportedly got an anniversary message addressed to her husband tattooed on her wrist — in Hebrew.

That’s right, even though tattoos in a foreign language are almost invariably a bad idea (case in point David’s misspelled Hindi tattoo), Posh reportedly went ahead with the decision to get “together forever, eternally” inked onto her wrist.

Apparently, Hebrew was chosen to pay homage to David’s roots. David reportedly describes himself as “half Jewish,” because his grandmother was Jewish.

The new tat was first spotted by photographers as she made her way into the studios to film her one (and possibly only) appearance on American Idol.

I guess she’s given up on being angry at David for getting too many tats. Now that she’s sporting new ink, she has no room to talk. Heck, even their three boys are counting the days until they’re allowed to get their first tat. It’s a family thing, no doubt.