Victoria Beckham Offered a $50 Million Hotel Job


SPL152341_017Will Victoria Beckham add hotel designer to her resume? She already has pop star, style icon, fashion designer, and mom of three on her list of credits. But now someone wants to pay her a reported sum of almost $50 million to put her signature style on a hotel. But this won’t be the your local Holiday Inn. The hotel will be in…Dubai. The luxury hot spot is far far away in Dubai. Shei Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum the ruler of Dubai met Victoria and her hubby David Beckham last summer and asked her to sign on. I guess she made an impression!

The hotel will be on a ‘fashion-themed island’ called Isla Moda, which will be off the coast. “Even in these credit-crunched times, the fee offered to Victoria was astronomical. She was absolutely stunned.”

There is no word if she has taken them up on their offer yet, but if she says yes, her co-worker will be the one and only Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel. Now that would be some pretty chic water cooler chit-chat.


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