Victoria Beckham Set To Start A Lifestyle And Mommy Blog

Victoria Beckham

It looks like Victoria Beckham wants to be the next Gwyneth Paltrow. Or Kourtney Kardashian. Or even Tori Spelling.

The celebrity mother-of-four is set to start her own lifestyle blog and even wants to try her own line of organic baby food, too. Here are all the details, according to Babyrazzi:

“Victoria’s had a lot of support for her recent tweets about her life and she feels that people really care about how she manages to juggle raising four kids with a glittering career.

“Gwyneth provides access to her personal life through GOOP! and Victoria wants to do the same. Plus, she knows it’ll be a success.

“When she puts her mind to it, Victoria always smashes it. A site that’ll include blogs about her day is a great idea she wants to share her experiences and her mistakes with other women who refuse to sacrifice their careers when they have kids.”

Honestly, I’d like to read about what kind of mistakes Victoria makes and her experiences on how she handles them. It sure would make her more likable and down-to-earth as a celebrity who doesn’t pretend to live a perfect existence like some do. I think we’re all over the whole “my perfect life on Facebook” complex we see much too often these days. What do you think?