Victoria Beckham to Take Paula's Place On American Idol


Victoria Beckham to Be on American IdolVictoria Beckham  has some big news. She’s been looking for a way to break into the American scene and this may be her big chance.

She’s going to be a guest judge on “American Idol.” She was offered the position after Paula Abdul quit via Twitter.

I can’t even imagine what a taping is going to be like now. Not only is it going to be crowded by “AI” fans, but now there is going to be a mob of people thinking that David Beckham is going to be there with Victoria. I’m thinking Katie Holmes is going to have to stay away from “AI” tapings from now on.

Victoria is not committing to a long term deal here. She maintains a desire to see her fashion line through and it will always come first. Her dresses are doing pretty well, so I can see where she would want to follow her passion.

I’m sure she’s happy she has another reason to stay in California. I bet their boys, who go to school there, are happy too.