Victoria Beckham-The Worlds Most Glamorous Woman (PHOTOS)


Victoira Beckham

Who is the world’s most glamorous mom? Not me. Not you. No, the ‘World’s Most Glamorous Celebrity’  – according a poll by Max Factor – is the one and only Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice.

This mother of three boys is known for wearing her own clothing line no matter what the occasion, dressing up for long transatlantic flights and for strutting around town in stilettos – even though she has painful looking bunions. Yes, she suffers for her style. And apparently her dedication has paid off.  Here are 10 of Posh’s most glamorous everyday moments. This is how she dresses for doing errands, going shopping and flying.  Yes, the world is indeed her runway. Check out Posh in all her glamour here!

VIctoria Beckham

Photos: Bauer Griffin