Victoria Beckham: Pre And Post-Motherhood



Last week, Victoria Beckham reportedly got her natural boobs back by getting her implants taken out. Now, someone dug up this video of Victoria at age 19, while in the midst of her transformation into Posh Spice. She looks uhh… different to say the least.

Apparently, motherhood (or a series of surgical enhancements and personal trainers) has been very good to Posh. After years as a glittering celebrity parent, it’s hard to remember her as anything else — but she wasn’t always this way.


Back at the age of 19, Victoria looked a bit more like, well… a completely normal person. Check her out at about the 4 minute mark.

After having three boys and allegedly trying for a baby girl, Posh is skinnier and firmer than ever. And, she pretty much looks nothing like her former self.

One of the rumors explaining Posh’s breast reduction is the desire to nurse a potential baby. Do you think Posh is looking to go natural? Is that even possible for her now?