Victoria Beckham To Reveal Post-Baby Bod At New York Fashion Week

Will Victoria shock us with a new look?

She might have given birth only a month ago, but that won’t stop fashionista Victoria Beckham from attending one of the world’s most important fashion events at New York Fashion Week next month.

Harper Seven’s mom will be revealing her post-pregnancy body at the shows in New York, only two months after giving birth to her first daughter in Los Angeles.

According to sources, Victoria has instructed her personal chef to do a no-carb, no-sugar diet of just green vegetables and low-fat proteins in order for the celebrity mom to look her best in her first post-baby appearance.

(So we’re guessing the risotto hubby David made and posted on his Twitter page back in July wasn’t for Vic!).

While we doubt Victoria will be sporting any extra poundage on her usual thin-like frame (she is Posh, after all), a little extra curve would go a long way in making this mummy yummy (but for now and until we see her, we’ll wait before giving her any “yummy” titles).

What do you think?  Is Victoria going to go back to her regular self and style, or will she shock us with a new look?