Victoria Beckham Wanted All Pink for Her Baby Girl: Should We Stick With Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys?

Victoria Beckham kids
Victoria Beckham with sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

For Victoria Beckham’s baby shower, the mom-to-be requested all pink gifts! You can take a look at what baby gifts she received.

When you have three boys like Victoria Beckham does, you get tired of all the blues, greens, and camouflage.  Or at least, I know I do- as a fellow mama to three boys.  Little boy clothes and gear tend toward the “tough” more than the “cute,” even early on.  So, it’s natural to crave a little girly cuteness.

But, is it too much of a stereotype to always think pink for girls and blue for boys?

One of my boys has a pink shirt that he loves while another has a favorite purple shirt.  My niece looks darling in blue.  I’m not a big fan of saying that certain colors(or toys or activities) are just for girls or just for boys:  we let our boys make their own choices.

Not that a baby can choose.  But, Victoria Beckham’s baby girl might get so sick of pink by the time she’s able to speak up about it that she’ll start insisting on dressing more like her big brothers!

What do you think? Do you stick with the traditional colors for boys and girls or do you mix it up a little bit?

Photo: Pacific Coast News