Victoria Beckham Won't Pose In The Buff With Pregnancy Bump

Victoria Beckham won't pose in the buff

As the countdown begins and we all place our bets on the name of the first Beckham princess (Santa Monica anyone?), Victoria Beckham says that unlike many other celebrities, she has chosen not to pose in her birthday suit with her baby bump on full display.

The fashion designer told WWD:  No, I won’t be taking my clothes off.  I don’t think anyone needs to see that, other than my husband.  Absolutely not.”

“I’m not one of these people that likes to go out and pose and flaunt being pregnant,” Victoria added.

According to the rumor mill, Victoria and husband David are expecting to give birth to their daughter on Independence Day, July 4th.  The couple shares three sons together, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6.

The former Spice Girl once admitted to not liking her body during pregnancy (we all have our hang ups, don’t we?) but here’s to the British mum of soon-to-be four for showing the rest of Hollywood good taste and class.