Victoria Beckham's Baby Girl's Name! Here Are 10 Suggestions

What Will Victoria Beckham Name Her Girl?


Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice and hubby David Beckham will reportedly be welcoming their fourth child into the family today, on the Fourth of July.

Their baby girl will join big brothers Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo. Victoria is apparently thrilled to be bringing a girl into the house who she can have tea parties with, go shopping with – of course – dress her up in fancy duds.

But besides deciding what baby girl Beckham will wear as her first outfit, the Beckham’s have one other big decision. What to name her!

Here are ten suggestions that would be perfect for the new Beckham girl!

Which do you think would be best?

  • America 1 of 5
    Since their girl is born on the fourth of July and all. Maybe their go with something patriotic for their adopted land.
  • Beverly 2 of 5
    Their first son was name Brooklyn for where he was conceived. Seeing that the family live in Beverly Hills, could they pay tribute to their neighborhood
  • Juliet 3 of 5
    Another tribute to William Shakespeare? They already have a Romeo! But yeah maybe not, that would be creepy.
  • Maggie Mae, Prudence, Michelle, Rita, Julia, or Martha 4 of 5
    Maggie Mae, Prudence, Michelle, Rita, Julia, or Martha
    They are apparently on a Beatles maybe they'll pick one of the names featured in their songs.
  • Victoria 5 of 5
    Will she name the child after herself? Victoria Jr.?

Image: PCN

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