Victoria Beckham's Dog Is Her Substitute Daughter


For awhile now, I’ve read the rumors swirling around that Victoria and David Beckham are trying for a fourth in large part because Victoria wants a daughter. She may have even said as much, and it’s not surprising: she is a fashion designer/model and self-professed clotheshorse, so it stands to reason she’d be into the girl clothes thing.

But if you’re looking for cold hard evidence, I think we’ve got it. Check out these pictures of the Beckham family dog. She is sporting a set of hot pink doggie nails. Wow. Somebody get this woman a daughter—and fast. Or next thing we know, the poor pooch will be wearing skinny jeans, clutching an American Girl doll and having play dates with Suri Cruise.

A close-up of the Beckham family dog and her pretty pink nails on the next page, and one of her owners looking on from the car as she goes for her walk.

Photo: PacificCoastNews