Victoria Beckham's Dresses Stolen


infphoto_1079081-500x626Victoria Beckham’s dress collection has been stolen from a van at Heathrow Airport.

The driver had stopped to make a delivery when two thieves appeared out of nowhere and threatened him with a knife. They broke the van’s padlocks and ran out with two boxes. In it were 50 of the 75 dresses heading for New York, where they were due to sell at Neiman Marcus. Victoria’s rep says they hope the collection will be remade in time to deliver again.

“This operation was meticulously planned. The thieves must feel they can make a fortune selling the collection on the black market,” a source said.

“Victoria was informed straight away about the incident and was shocked and deeply saddened, although her first priority was the well-being of the driver.”

This would never have happened if the driver was delivering her first solo album!