Victoria Beckham's Hair Extensions are Back


Remember the over-the-top look Victoria Beckham used to sport? The implants that were too big for her body, the Rapunzel-like tresses that looked as fake as, well, her chest? Well, the extensions are back, but seems Posh has classed it up a bit. She recently debuted her updated hairstyle after keeping it short for a while. It looks great, but is it a reasonable option for a regular mom?  Plus, another photo of her makeover next.

Extensions for a non-celeb mom probably aren’t realistic for a number of reasons:

1) The price tag: They can cost anywhere from  about $2,000 and up depending on the quality of the hair, who does them and how many you need. Plus, they’ll need to be redone every several months making that a hefty yearly expense.

2) The upkeep: Taking care of extensions are a burden. Just blow-drying them alone can take up to an hour due to their thickness and length. And if you don’t blowdry them, they can look ratty and dry. Who has the time!

3) The visibility: You can often see them which might play okay in Hollywood, but may raise eyebrows on the soccer bleachers.

4) The damage: They can cause your real hair to break off, resulting in balding spots and badly damaged hair.  Which makes you want to get them redone again to conceal the bald spots and fraying of the natural hair.