Victoria Jackson Is Not the Spacey SNL Gal Anymore, She's The New Poster Girl for the Tea Party!

victoria jackson
Victoria Jackson Is the Tea Party's New Poster Girl

Remember when Victoria Jackson was the spacey blonde on Saturday Night Live?  Apparently she’s moved on from comedy and is ready to tackle politics.  Most folks would start their political aspirations at a local level, but Victoria Jackson has decided to take aim right at the top dog – President Barack Obama.

She’s apparently been openly declaring that Obama is a communist for several years, but is starting to garner national attention after appearing at the Conservative Political Action Conference.   “Obama is a communist,” says Jackson. “I only woke up because we elected a communist. How can I hold it inside when I see people going off a cliff? I have to say, ‘You are going off a cliff.'”

Certainly sounds like someone has been drinking the kool-aid or tea for that matter!