Video: Bethenny Frankel Shows Off Bryn's Nursery


It’s always somewhat of a thrill when we get a peek into celebrities’ home spaces–and Bethenny Frankel indulged all her fans with a video tour of daughter Bryn’s nursery.

The reality TV star and celebrity chef took viewers around her baby’s “palace” in a video on,  showing off adorable features, such as the stuffed animal chair, mom’s favorite Raggedy Ann doll, and her key storage strategy for all those baby gifts.

Our favorite part? The mini, pink space-saving hangers in the closet–we love the grown-up sized ones; how adorable is it that they come in miniature?

Click through for the link to Bethenny’s video tour. Watch Bethenny show off baby Bryn’s nursery.

Photo: Jakes Van Der Watt/PR Photos