Enrique Iglesias Talks Marriage and Kids


Enrique Iglesias–who is known for his romantic and often steamy songs and vidoes–recently opened up to about his life, new album, Euphoria, and what he thinks of marriage and kids. “I feel like I’m in a good place,” he said, almost right away. “I just feel like I’m enjoying life right now more than ever.”

The singer–who has been in a relationship with tennis star Anna Kournikova for more than eight years–was relaxed and modest, insisting he’s not nearly as romantic or smooth in real life as he is in his music and performances (though we’re not really sure if we believe that…). He was extremely mysterious every time he was asked about “his girl” or anything referencing a romantic relationship.

Iglesias did make one thing clear, though: He does not have any children. “Not right now, but I love kids,” he said. But, the performer was intrigued by the idea of keeping children a secret if and when he does have them.

And what about a walk down the aisle? “I’m not married, but if I was married, I’d keep it a secret too,” he said.

Guess we may never know if Iglesias starts a family–but he’d have to be pretty to keep it away from the paps and the press!


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