Video: Michelle Obama Almost Knocked Over By Hungry Children

Health advocate: Michelle Obama

The jokes do right themselves, don’t they?

First Lady Michelle Obama has been on a real mission in getting our children to put down their chicken mcnuggets for a meal of goji berries and kombucha instead in an effort to trim the baby fat that America’s children can’t seem to lose.

Mrs. Obama continued her crusade by allowing hundreds of hungry children (not really) to gather on the White House lawn for two minutes of rigorous exercise that didn’t involve a Wii device or a remote control.

Chaos shortly ensued after the kids decided jumping jacks just took up too much coordinated effort and went for Mrs. Obama instead, almost knocking her over before the Secret Service swooped her out to a nearby table of lobster, caviar and champagne funded by tax payers while the children looked on in despair.


Check out the PBSeque video here!