Video Sneak Peek Of Jon & Kate's Return To TV!



Jon and Kate Gosselin are back to work filming their TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8, but things are going to be very different.  Now, fans (are there any left?) will watch how a family struggles to cope with the aftermath of the breakdown of a marriage.

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Many people feel the Gosselins should turn the cameras off, and maybe they agree (maybe they don’t).  However, they are most likely under contract, and are obligated (legally) to continue filming, but couldn’t TLC make a decision at the family’s request to cease taping?  Or do you think Jon and Kate are still OK with what they are doing?  I mean the show does put food on the table and pays the bills, right?  And with eight kids, there are a lot of bills!

The show will focus on each parent and how they are learning to do things separately with their children.  On the season opener which airs Monday, August 3, Kate learns how to pitch a tent for the kids.  Her new attitude is “I can do it.”  Jon’s new motto?  Not sure… seeing how many 20-somethings he can date that he won’t introduce to his kids?  Oops.  My bad.

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