Vienna and Jake: Vienna Lied, Says "Greek" Star


During Vienna and Jake’s very heated reunion Monday night, Vienna Girardi adamantly denied cheating on her Bachelor fiance Jake Pavelka. Despite rumors that she had a fling with Greek star Gregory Michael, Girardi insisted they only danced for “nine seconds” at an event, and that “There was nothing” between them. Michael is singing a different tune, though, and perhaps a more honest one.

The actor told of Girardi’s denial of any infidelity at a June Santa Monica event, “That’s a lie. We definitely made out that weekend and Vienna made it very clear that it was over between her and Jake.”

He also made sure to note that the pair danced for well more than nine seconds, dancing in a group all night and just the two of them for a good portion of the evening as well. He does concede that she was accurate in saying they barely knew each other, at the time of the interview/reunion, at least.

Though Michael insists he would never have done anything with Girardi had he known she and Jake were not officially over (just saving his own reputation, perhaps?), this definitely taints Girardi’s image. Following the reunion, it seemed the blonde was the winner of the massive Vienna vs. Jake battle, but this could change it all.

We wonder, if they had kids, would they do so much of this he said/she said, or would they feel more inclined to be outrightly honest about everything, for the sake of the kids? We’d like to hope the latter, but let’s just say it’s a good thing this pair never got to the point of procreating.

Think these two will ever mature into being good parents (with other partners, we hope)?

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