Vienna Giardi's Step Mom Steps Up To Defend Her Against Jake Pavelka


Seeing your child’s heart get broken is a hard thing parents will have to deal with over and over throughout their child’s life. From the losing their favorite stuffed animal, to not making the soccer team, to having someone they like reject them. When they hurt you hurt, so imagine the absolute pain and anger that Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi’s parents must feel. Not only is their child going through a difficult emotional time, but they are doing it in public and with the media taking jabs left and right.

Vienna’s stepmother is coming forward with claims that The Bachlor reunion was edited to make her step daughter look like the villain. “They only edited the show to make Vienna look like the bad person,” Lisa said.

Lisa told that producers “only showed Vienna getting emotional,” and is insisting they edited out everything that would have made her appear the more sympathetic character.

As for Jake, Lisa says, “He really showed his true colors and he was lying. Vienna thought they were both going to have to tell the truth and she was so mad because Jake was lying. That smirk on his face was what really upset me…Vienna was really shaken up and emotional after that taping. It was more than him just telling her to stop interrupting him.”

She continues, “He called my husband three times since he and Vienna have been together. One time he called to find out about a Bluetooth to see if we still had the box. The second time he called was after Vienna broke up with him and he called to tell my husband that Vienna needs to get out of town, because people were going crazy looking for her, which we didn’t believe. The third time he called and used the excuse of Father’s Day, but all he wanted to know was why Vienna wasn’t calling him; he never tried to establish a relationship with us.”

According to Lisa, ABC has asked Vienna to do another sit down with Jake, but she refused. “She couldn’t put herself though that again. She told me there was no money ever mentioned what so ever but she doesn’t ever want to sit down with Jake like that again.”