Viggo Mortensen Talks About Post-Apocalyptic Fatherhood


the_road_movie_posterI’m not a post-apocalyptic father, but I play one on TV… or, in this case, a movie. In real life, Viggo Mortensen’s son has already reached the legal drinking age, but his latest role in The Road has thrust him back into the pre-teen stage of parenthood with a twist … the world has gone to hell in a hand basket and Viggo’s character and his son are among the only civilized people left on Earth.

Obviously, these circumstances kinda change the father-son dynamic a little bit — especially because there are violent hoards of cannibalistic yayhoos running around trying to kill them. Says Mortensen:

“You worry about your child’s future. You’re like, ‘What if I’m away from my infant son or daughter for a few hours, do I trust someone else to take care of them?’ Then, later in life, you’re more concerned about whether you’ll be around anymore to help your children when they’re out of the nest. This movie just takes all those concerns to an extreme.”

Yeah, that’s an understatement. Has anybody been to see The Road yet? Was it good? Were they able to pull off the father-son relationship?

I read the book a few years ago (as well as a few other Cormac McCarthy titles) and I’d say I loved them, but that’s kinda like saying you volunteer at the coroner’s office for fun.