Vikings vs. Jets - How Much Did the Brett Favre Scandal Affect His Game?

Brett Favre

The timing could not have been worse. On Monday Night Football Brett Favre’s Vikings clashed with his old team the Jets on the field. But even though Favre is no longer with the Jets, his era with the team is on everyone’s minds.  Not because of game on the field but rather off, thanks to in part to

On the forefront of not just the viewers minds, the sportscasters minds but also no doubt Brett Favre’s mind is the sexting, photo scandal involving ex-Jets employee Jenn Sterger. So how much did the scandal effect his performance on this week’s game?

It looks like, at this point of the game, it has had a tangible effect on his play. So far he has been sacked, has fumbled and has been spotted sitting by the sidelines looking not just dejected, sad and very much worried. One sportscaster pretty much thought the jury was out saying , there was “no way to quantify that, (but) Favre and his offense hasn’t done a good job”. But in the 3rd quarter, one pundit said Favre “might have a little magic left.” But there was one big accomplishment that came to fruition at the game, he made over 70,000 passing yards. A great feat for any player. But will he be able to celebrate this amazing deed with his family? Or will the black cloud that is his sexting/photo scandal rain on his parade?