Vince Young Meltdown: QB Throws A Tantrum Worthy Of A Toddler. Bad Example For Kids?

vince young meltdown
Vince Young meltdown: A tantrum worthy of a toddler

I have a very strong-willed toddler, and so I know from tantrums and the Vince Young meltdown after Sunday’s overtime loss to the Washington Redskins can only be described as a toddler tantrum. Throwing your should pads into the stands? Tossing your helmet into the stands too, where a kid could have been hurt? That’s just terrible behavior, and it didn’t stop there.

Young also reportedly shoved Tennessee Titans teammate Michael Griffin after the two got into a locker room spat. I’d expect this sort of behavior at my daughter’s preschool, where they’re still learning to share and play nice, but not in the NFL, where the 27-year-old Young has presumably been instructed that tantrums are bad. In case he hasn’t: Mr. Young, tantrums are BAD!

Young clearly was reacting in the moment, but this is disappointing from a guy who pledged to stand in as a surrogate dad to Steve McNair’s two young sons after the former Titans QB was slain last year, a move I really admired. He even has brought the kids to a father-son event.

Let’s hope Young thinks a little more clearly before he’s tempted to have a tantrum next time. Word is this cost him his starting job, and may mean he’s out in Tennessee after this season.


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