Vintage Justin Bieber: Check Out the Cute Little Drummer Boy! Sneak Peek of Never Say Never


justin Bieber

Check out this photo above. Guess who it is of? Well, the title of the post should have been a top off. It’s the one and only Justin Bieber. Just a much younger and  less coiffed Justin Bieber.

This is from the upcoming documentary “Never Say Never” which is coming out in – yes – 3D!

“The goal of the movie is to tell the story of a kid from a small town who didnt even know a dream was possible. but thanks to hard work and amazing fans he is a living example that dreams come true. The movie is testing thru the roof and even non fans are being brought to tears and laughter all at the same time. Our goal is that this movie inspires and tells a great story of hope. ITS COMING!!”

Check out this clip from the movie here! Adorable!