Von Trapp Family: Where Are They Now?

Von Trapp Family
What Happened To The Von Trapp Family?

The Von Trapp Family is definitely one of the most loved families in American history. The Von Trapps were made famous by the epic film, The Sound Of Music, and today, the cast who played the Von Trapp family in the movie reunited on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Most people aren’t really sure what happened to the Von Trapp Family after they left Austria, and ultimately came to the United States. Fans of The Sound of Music can’t help but wonder, “Where is the Von Trapp Family now?”

After they left Austria, they actually went to Italy, not Switzerland as depicted in the film. They eventually went to America to embark on a singing tour. Once they got there, Maria Von Trapp declared that she “never wanted to leave.”

The Von Trapp family ultimately settled down in Stowe, Vermont, where they bought a farm, and started a music camp. The green mountains of Vermont reminded them of their home in Austria. After Georg Von Trapp passed away, Maria Von Trapp and the children opened the Trapp Family Lodge, which is still in operation today.

Fans of The Sound of Music who visit the Trapp Family Lodge can still catch a glimpse of the descendants of the original Von Trapp Family, as the property is still owned by the Von Trapps.