W Magazine Not Usually As Racy as the Kim Kardashian Cover


Kim Kardashian W MagazineSo, Kim Kardashian is upset over how much of her is showing during her W Magazine photo spread.  Obviously, she knew what she was or rather was not wearing during the shoot, so I tend to not really believe that.

But, it did make me wonder: did W Magazine usually have such racy photos and cover? I get stuck in the land of parenting magazines and wasn’t paying attention.

Racy is probably not the right word for it: artistic, maybe?

Looking at their past covers, there isn’t one that shows as much as Kim Kardashian’s cover does. The family issue shows Katherine Heigl holding an adorable little girl. Another cover shows Michelle Williams with Ryan Gosling holding her close. Looking through them, nope, nothing as revealing as Kim Kardashian. A few years ago, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham were on the cover scantily-clad, but still nothing in comparison to Kim’s shoot.

Does Kim Kardashian have a right to be upset or should she have realized what was happening during the shoot?